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A bright ecological future for M.S.C. with the new  GPL ships. Our company DA.SI.MA. is present with shades, upholsteries, bedding and more. 

Municpal Theater of  Benevento "Vittorio Emanuele"

DA.SI.MA.  has been mentioned on the newspaper "gazzetta di Benevento" for the  works performed in the comunal teather "Vittorio Emanuele" of Benenvento. 
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Our curtains filmed during the episodes of "first dates cruise":  Episode link:


A medit product, Re_Life curtains are only made by regenerated nylon  Econyl® that preserves the material features with a total green treatment.

The pollution caused by plastic is one of the most serious problem of our times. Lately  always more companies, scientists and designers cooperate to research creative solutions  to fight this problem from different prospectives. One of these initiative is the "Guiltless plastics" launched from the gallerist Rossana Orlandi, that intends to stimulate people to try alternative solutions to  disposable plastic.   

"Every year more than 322 milions tons of plastics are produced and of this quantity almost 8 milions tons ends in our oceans" 

"This problem is threathing the healt of  sea eco-systems and sea life".

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Blind system model "Carrella" 

Technical sheet of a very particular blind system that bring the name of the family "Carrella". This system was invented by Gennaro Carrella (head of the family) in the late 2008 with the supporto of Silent Gliss Italia. This system was mainly used on ship bridges since there was a requirement for a specific opposit movement in trapezoidal windows.